Your business needs an aligned plan to grow revenues. The priorities are not clear. You have lots of ideas but are unsure of where to start or what steps to take next. Let us help!


You are not making the sales you want. Maybe you have just lost a big client or are concerned that the client base is too small to be sustainable. You keep on competing on price. It's time to change the approach!


You have a limited marketing budget. Every time and money investment needs to bring results. You understand the need for targeting your efforts but are not sure how to go about it. Let's take the guess work out of your actions!


Fulfilling your brand promise is difficult. Loyalty in your clients can be short lived. Clients don't buy from you more than once or twice. Delivering a consistent client experience is your ambition. Not sure where to start or how to develop the process? Together we can!


From Thought to Money Maker

I was recommended to Conny by a fellow female entrepreneur who told me she wouldn’t be where she was without Conny’s support and guidance. After working on my company for over a year I realized that I needed help to get my business of the ground. I continued to struggle on my own and eventually made the decision to connect.

I was blown away after our first meeting. I knew I needed help and guidance, but I had no idea how much more I would get out of our time together. After only three months of working with Conny, my company shifted from a good idea to a successful revenue making business with a clear path and plan.

The resources I received from Conny are invaluable, I gained a clear understanding of my markets, my financial, how to reach them and the technological tools needed to free up my time to be focused on revenue making activities. On top of the business help, Conny has been given me the confidence, emotional support and guidance necessary for an entrepreneur to believe in what they do with realistic indicators that my company will succeed.

In the two years of working with Conny, my business has turned from a hopeful idea to a successful revenue producing company with clear business plan for development and growth. I have stopped my other part-time work, manage to financially sustain without room mates subsidizing rent and have travelled to Hawaii and Mexico. We have only scratched the surface of the potential for where can go. Other coaches may give you the basic business tools, but Conny Millard supports her clients in so many other ways, networking, self belief, time management, accountability, educational technology, encouragement, professional growth and financial freedom.

Without Conny my company and myself would not be what we are today. Thank you Conny, I look forward to growing my company more with your help and guidance!

Paula de Jong
First Steps

There is just no way my business would be where it is at today if it was not for Conny Millard.

Her structure, advice, critique and powerful brainstorming sessions have made me reach clear, concise plans and a way to execute them.

Thinking I was tech savvy, I was happy with my digital organization until I started working with Conny. Her suggestions, hints and tricks have not only saved me time, but have and will continue to save me money. In so many aspects of my business I have come to the realization that time and money is best spent on the people who are skilled and experienced in their area of expertise and are worth every penny.

I honestly cannot express how much I value the work Conny and I have done together. I often send my spouse text messages saying “OMG Conny just saved me so much time! She is amazing!

Erin Worrod, Founder
Growing South

MCG Inc. has been an integral part of the growth and development of my business. Since working with Conny Millard I have seen my revenue streams increase dramatically and my client base go from a very localized population to an international client base throughout North America.

Conny has helped me in every aspect of my business from developing a solid business plan, identifying my niche markets, providing me with the tools and knowledge to operate in an ever changing online environment. She has the ability to quickly and efficiently guide me in the right direction to save precious time and keep productivity high.

It is not only my business that has grown. Since working with Conny she has instilled in me a sense of self-worth and confidence that I never knew I had.

If you have a passion for what do and want to grow your business I highly recommend investing in the services provided by MCG Inc. For me, it has been and will continue to be, one of the best business investments I have made.

Jessi McLennan, Principal
Transforming VISUALS

Dear Conny Millard,
VISUALS, The Squamish Valley Artists Society want to express our sincere appreciation to you for providing the ‘Passion for Profits’ workshop for our art group.
You coordinated and led a transforming group discussion, speaking with positive enthusiasm and creating connections. Everyone in our  group was uplifted and inspired by your fantastic energy.
You have been responsive and pro active. As a follow-up to the workshop you spent time documenting individual answers or suggestions to all of our challenges. Additional, you provided us with an action plan to move forward to facilitate an immediate initiative.
Now VISUALS have itemized our current key goals and we have clear direction of where the society is headed with new intention.

Toby Jaxon, VISUALS President
Back on Track

“So!! We are putting it out there to the Universe and she is hearing us loud and clear! We are both feeling pretty darn good at the moment. So a big big thank you to you and all your work with us. Ooowww, this is just the beginning.”

Jessi & Wendy, Founders Origins Wellness

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