MCG Inc. specializes in consulting services for health, wellness and professional services firms. We help clients with sales strategy, competitive market positioning as well as developing internal and external processes for competitor tight customer relationships. The trusted associate network gets called upon for technology, HR, finance and operations services as needed. This keeps costs low and results high.

With industry exclusivity guaranteed, there are no contracts or minimum upfront commitments. The level of help depends on the level of your needs.

WHY: What’s in it for you?

  1. Clear business plan with prioritized action steps
  2.  Accountability for getting things done
  3. Hands-on implementation support
  4. Access to the trusted MCG business support network
  5. Getting you out from under your business to work on it
  6. Coordinated & orchestrated marketing activities
  7. Shortest time & maximum impact to market
  8. Accelerated business growth & profitability

HOW: We review. We plan. We implement. We assess. 

The Leader created for maximum support and fast growth. MCG Inc. partners on complementary skills within the trusted associate network to deliver your needs based improvement strategy.  Implementation, skills transfer and replacement hiring is all part of this program.

The Independent is specifically focused on business development, sales and customer relationship management as well as bootstrapped marketing strategies.

The Collaborative offers a one-time monthly group support environment with a maximum of 5 complementary businesses. Like-minded business owners meet for training, sharing and collaboration under the professional guidance by an MCG business consultant.

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